Upgrade E-commerce website to the Next level with Magento 2 Extensions

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4 min readJun 23, 2021

Magento extensions are made to benefit your Magento based E-commerce website. If you’re making an e-commerce website or if you’re constantly updating your Magento store, Magento extensions will be helpful. Magento extensions are designed to take advantage of the full functionality of Magento based eCommerce websites.

Online vendors frequently use Magento extensions to make the platform more powerful and versatile. However, there are thousands of extensions available online that can improve your website’s performance.

So, why the Magento extensions are best?

There are many Magento extensions available, with each one bringing something unique to a website. However, the Great Magento Extensions will provide you with more, a premium package of features, an active customer support network, and a website with a competitive level of performance.

Nevertheless, when considering such high-quality Magento extensions, it is important to ensure that they are designed according to your company’s requirements.

Check out these 5 Magento 2 Extensions for your E-store growth

1- Split Order On Checkout Pro

Split Order On Checkout Pro” allows you to divide an order into separate orders based on the conditions you specify. With this extension, an order will be automatically split into multiple orders based on some product attributes.

The customer will receive different order ids for the items in their ordered cart.

The order ids of different orders are displayed in the Order History, and customers can view all the items individually. An admin can generate separate invoices and shipments for each order ID. In addition, shipping costs and tax are split based on the items purchased.

2- Auction With Lowest Unique Bid

Reverse bidding is an unusual concept, but it can be interesting and profitable for bidders and auction visitors since it minimizes the price of items. The use of reverse bidding auctions has gained much popularity amongst the more usual auction sites on the Internet.

Reverse auctions are complicated scenarios, but this extension simplifies this process and makes it easy for anyone to use.

The main idea behind reverse bidding is to make it unique. When a bidder quotes the lowest unique price for a product, he wins. Through this extension, you can simplify the complex process of reverse auctioning and track the lowest unique bid for the process.

3- Volumetric Shipping

In volumetric shipping, the actual weight is not used to calculate shipping charges but rather the volumetric weight.As a result of volumetric weight, shipping charges can increase because of the amount of space consumed by the package.

Your shipping rates may be affected if your package has a smaller size-to-weight ratio than those of standard packages.The volumetric weight (dimensional weight) of a package reflects its density or how much space it takes up with its actual weight.

If you’re shipping an item that takes up a lot of space but isn’t very heavy, your shipping company might charge you based on its dimensional weight instead of its actual weight. Less dense items may occupy more volume in comparison with their weight. A volumetric weight, also known as dimensional or dimensional weight, is calculated by summing the consignment dimensions, height, and length and comparing it with the actual weight. Calculation of the shipment cost is based on the greater weight.

4- Filter Product By Rating

Filter Product By Rating Extension’ enhances your customers’ experience and makes your store more user-friendly. It expands the methods of filtering (or sorting) products by rating. This method will provide a more reliable picture of a product’s quality and usefulness. The filtering option makes browsing your products easier for customers. It helps your users find the product quickly and easily.

Customer reviews allow customers to make an informed choice and eliminate their hesitancy. They give your customers the chance to choose what’s most important to them. Filter Product By Rating Extension works like any other filterable attribute. It adds an adjustable rating slider to each product’s filter. Also, it provides content that promotes products by utilizing customer reviews. Furthermore, these requests can introduce website owners to their customers and express their desire to improve the shopping experience.

5- Overdue Invoice Automated Reminder

To enhance the customers’ shopping experience and increase sales quantity, store owners provide their customers with many options such as Cash on Delivery or Credit Purchase, which allows the customer to pay once the order has been delivered.

Invoice Overdue Automated Reminder extension allows users to receive reminder emails informing them to make the payment. It also allows admins to email unpaid invoices to customers or to print them in PDF format. By default, Magento will only email the invoice to the customer when you invoice the order, which will mark the order as paid. In offline payment methods, you must email the invoice to the customer to remind him or ask for payment.