Top Magento Extensions to Strengthen Your E-store website

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5 min readJun 8, 2021


Over the years, E-commerce has become a huge market. Even on the e-commerce market, since small and medium-sized businesses have started leveraging the online opportunity for selling products and services, there is fierce competition now. Today, customers rely on e-commerce stores for their daily shopping.

The owner of an E-commerce store needs to understand how to improve the customer experience, the user interface, and overall features of the store. Using Best Magento extensions is the best way to improve your Magento E-commerce store.

Magento extensions are one of the main reasons for the huge popularity of Magento. Because of the availability of these extensions, Magento is highly scalable. In this article, we’ve compiled the most successful and result-driven Magento 2 extensions you can employ for checkout improvements, search, navigation, site management, content & customization, digital marketing, and localization practices.

Let’s begin now.

1- Bulk Request For Quote

The Extension allows customers to send a quotation request for a particular product in bulk.It allows your customers to negotiate the price and contact you in a better way.

This feature allows users to simultaneously place multiple quotes for the same product. Also, they can also specify the shipping address they want to send the product to.

This quote extension allows you to add a price quotation feature into your Magento 2 store. This way your customers can easily negotiate the price using a quick quote system. The module will let your users bargain right on your website and prompt them for bulk purchase with the best prices.

Features of this Extension-

1- Provides a Quick RFQ form for customers to submit a request for quotation

The customers get a simple and quick form to be filled to place a request for a quote, thus making their experience on the site much more satisfying.

2- Admin can set email address at the backend to receive quote mails

An email address can be defined in the backend by admin where he will receive visitor inquiry emails

3- Multiple products can be selected for request quote

Customers can select multiple products at a time for submitting a request for a quote.

4- Customers can submit their shipping address with the quote

When filling the RFQ form, the address of the customers is required to be filled. This helps the admin to get their shipping address for further communication.

2- Filter Product By Rating -

This Extension helps you filter products by their ratings. It simplifies the process of filtering and helps users find the right product at the right time.

Features of this Extension-

  • Availability of rating slider filter at the front end- The rating slider filter can be enabled at the front end to enable the customers to select the desired rating.
  • Improves customers experience on the website-As the customers are able to filter the products as per the desired rating they are much satisfied with the shopping experience.
  • Simple configuration settings at the backend- The settings related to the functions of the extension at the backend are very simple to customize.
  • Rating of the product helps to make customers purchase decision more accurate- When customers check the rating of the product they get more confident about the decision they made to purchase the product.

3- Drive Retention With Automated Coupons

Drive Retention With automated Coupons is an extension that automatically adds a discount code link to increase the user engagement and loyalty of your store.

There is no such thing as not liking discounts and offers while shopping online. But, sometimes, people get dissatisfied while shopping for the first time due to various reasons.

Creating a fully featured deal or coupon website is very important to turn your site into a profitable one. It will allow the store owner to share a code with the customer after the purchase.

Features of this Extension-

  • Able to create customized promo code for customers on their first purchase- The admin can also set a customized code to send to his customers when they make a purchase from his website. This eliminates the need to email the code to the customers.
  • Automatically send coupon code over mail- This extension sends a coupon code to the email address of the customer when they make their first purchase. It builds more trust in the store and helps increase the customer satisfaction.
  • Admin can assign coupon code to a particular group- This extension also helps to assign code to be sent to a particular customer group which can be assigned from the backend.

4- Automatic Order Cancellation extension

This extension aids in order management by automatically canceling the orders from the backend with the pending and pending payment status. Usually in Magento 2, whenever customers make no payments for orders, the order status is set to pending. Also if the store is enabled with offline payment methods, the store may have a large number of fake orders with pending status.

The admin can easily set different conditions for cancellation of orders like each payment method, order status, and specific date as to which order creation has to be considered. For example: After 2 days of the order consider the date, pending orders of cash on the delivery method, will be automatically canceled.

Features of this Extension-

  • Automatically cancel an order with a specific payment method- The admin can set the different payment method at the backend which will be considered while canceling the order automatically. Therefore, if the order has the payment method with pending status will be automatically canceled after the specified date selected.
  • The Admin can set a specific date(after) for order cancellation- This extension allows admin to easily set up a date post where the orders with pending status and payment method will be canceled automatically.
  • Show history of all canceled orders in the admin panel- All order cancellation will be recorded and displayed in the Canceled Orders History Grid. Admin can easily check this information by simply clicking the Cancelled Order History button.