Top 4 Magento 2 Extensions for E-store in 2021

Why Do You Need Magento Extensions?

Top 4 Magento 2 Extensions -

1 — Split Order On Checkout Pro

  • Separate Order ID’s are created based on selected condition and attribute- the extension helps to generate different order Ids as per the selected condition and attribute at the backend.
  • Admin can manage the order in a much easier way- As the order splits into different ids admin can manage the ordered items in a much easier way.
  • Helps customer to get detailed information of the items in the cart- As the order splits into different order Ids as per the attribute and condition set at the back the customer gets complete details for each item in the cart.
  • Separate invoices and shipment can be created for individual order- When buyers place an order with multiple items in the cart then, separate order ids will be generated.

2- Order Summary After Successful Checkout

  • Get all order details on the success page -When the orders have been submitted successfully, many customers are not sure whether the orders were right or not. This extension helps customers to view the details of their orders at the order success section.
  • Attractive success page layout- The extension helps to make the success page more attractive than the default Magento success page.
  • Customer satisfaction -With the help of this extension, the customer gets complete details of the order placed which ultimately gives the customer satisfaction.

3-Category Image & Description Block

  • Provides option to show nice images along with the categories- The backend admin can set images related to the categories shown at the frontend.
  • A detailed description of the categories-It helps to provide a detailed description of the categories on the website which helps the website more informative for the customers.
  • Enhances browsing experience- This extension makes the website layout more attractive which ultimately enhances the browsing experience of the customers.

4- Bulk Request For Quote




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