Development and Ongoing Support for a Magento Multi-Store!


Customer is an online supplier that offers labels, small wares, first-aid supplies, and more to medium-to-large restaurant chains.


Customers have 20+ E-commerce stores managed from the same back end — the main store with a full catalogue available to all visitors and separate stores with customized catalogues for long-term customers. To stay in line with changing and growing business needs, the Customer previously relied on an in-house Magento developer. However, they did not find the support adequate to implement all of their ideas for web store optimization and further development. Therefore, the Customer sought out a Magento support team with deep knowledge of the platform and an ability to solve challenges with optimal solutions. The team was expected to stay flexible and scale up if needed.

The Customer chose SunCart as their Magento support team.


Started at the beginning of 2020, the cooperation is still ongoing. Magento multi-store has seen a number of important improvements so far.

Optimized website performance. The SunCart team began optimizing the website after discovering issues with loading speed. The specialists made several changes to the website. Among other things, they optimized images, reduced HTTP requests, and minified CSS and JavaScript.

Enhanced website and data security. For system protection, the team installed the latest Magento security patches. In addition, Amazon Web Services (AWS) created backups of the company’s data to ensure its safety in the event of hardware failure, malware attacks, etc.

Streamlined development and testing workflow. Previously, the Customer relied on the workflow consisting of two environments: development and production. When new features were developed, they were deployed directly into production. The risk was that a bug may not be discovered until it was already public. The SunCart team avoided this risk by putting a staging server between the development and release processes. Updates are now made available only after they have been proven to be stable.

Improved website ranking. Magento experts from Suncart were active in SEO optimization. They corrected technical flaws that were preventing the websites from ranking well, such as URL and sitemap difficulties. They also used optimization strategies to improve their search rankings, such as adding rich snippets for items that included product descriptions, pricing, ratings, reviews, and other details.

Brand-new design. The Customer submitted designs for landing pages, and the SunCart team developed web design. They included interactive components (such as interactive maps) to make the pages more interesting for visitors.

Increased conversions

SunCart supported the Customer’s desire to reimagine the appearance of a website menu. The built mega menu enabled the Customer to easily control the information shown and add categories, goods, text contents, photographs, videos, and more.

Throughout the collaboration, the customer was required to integrate a newly acquired digital printing firm into their e-commerce business and establish an effective online presence for it. The SunCart team took on the task of developing an E-commerce solution, creating a brand-new Magento webstore that became part of the multi-store.


For their multi-store, the customer receives expert Magento assistance. The website loading time has risen as a result of the performance enhancement. The appearance and feel of the websites match the Customer’s vision thanks to better UI and UX design. They may see and approve website improvements before they go live using the staging environment. The customer successfully develops their digital print business direction and begins selling online through their new Magento web store.

SunCart offers technical support for the Customer’s business ideas and advises them on their development plan. The team is currently developing a strategy to Update the Customer’s multi-store to a newer Magento version.




Magento Extensions|Woocommerce plugins |Odoo Apps

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SunCart Store

Magento Extensions|Woocommerce plugins |Odoo Apps

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